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Friday, April 18, 2008

Die Stimme des Balafon / La voix du balafon

I bought this book some time ago (Die Stimme des Balafon / La voix du balafon). It seems to be one of the few didactical books for balafon. I found it an indispensable resource of learning ... That's of course only if you don't have a master around. There are around 10 peaces, each has 2 melodies and/or a solo phrase. Most peaces have some lyrics that are translated to French and German. There's also a companinon CD with all the tracks plus the melodies played with each hand separately.

I miss some more solo phrases, breaks, intros and the like, though. It is essential for someone who is learning how to play, and without it this is just a kind of a "realbook" - it gives the esential structure of the melody but leaves the structure of the song to individual interpretation.

In the beginning of the book there is an introduction with some details about the playing technique and stuff, but I miss some more. An advanced edition would be appreciated!



Hi andrej! how are you! thans for the comment that you leave at my blog. Your blog is very interestig. You hae great articules here.
About "La voix du balafon" it look like a very good one a must have i believe. Do you have it in pdf or similar?


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I don't have it in any digital form, sorry.


Lots of videos of Kanazoé, the virtuoso of balafon from Burkina,
on my blog Radio Gombo :